• The Commission approved South Bay Consortium Teacher Induction Program provides the Early Completion Option (ECO) in accordance with Senate Bill 57 (Chapter 269, Scott). This legislation enables experienced and exceptional candidates to complete an Induction Program that is equal in rigor to a full-length program, but in a shorter amount of time. 

    A committee of experienced mentors and district HR personnel review the candidate's application and determine the candidates’ eligibility, as defined by the following criteria:

    Criteria (Teachers applying for ECO must meet ALL of the following to be eligible).

    • Provide a copy of their California Preliminary Credential
    • Submit a current resume with two references, documenting prior teaching experience. Candidates must have a minimum of two years of full-time experience as Teacher of Record in a private or public school. Districts’ HR departments verify that the applicant’s experience meets the criteria.
    • Submit two years of authenticated rigorous performance evaluations while teaching in an accredited private school or public school in which the teacher received ratings of effective (satisfactory) or better.
    • Submit a letter of recommendation from the current site administrator verifying they have observed the candidate this current school year, and find them exceptional in ALL CA Standards for the Teaching Profession, and that the candidate will be able to fulfill the extra responsibilities and rigor of the single year induction option.
    • Be observed by Induction Program staff. 
    • Meet current program requirements and submit Unit 1 work early (on or before Monday, January 22, 2024).


    1. The Consortium Office must receive all applications and supporting documentation no later than Monday, January 22, 2024.
    2. A committee of experienced mentors and district HR personnel review the applications and determine if each applicant meets the criteria.
    3. The Induction Program Leader will notify the applicants by Friday, February 9, 2024, of the committee’s decision.
    4. If approved for ECO, the mentor and candidate complete an additional inquiry cycle and reflection (aka “ECO-Unit 3”) either in the summer, or during the first half of the next school year.
    5. The Induction Program Leader will meet with the candidate and mentor by Thursday, February15, 2024 to define expectations and create a differentiated Individual Learning Plan for ECO candidates. 

    If at any time during the course of the completion, a candidate is not meeting requirements, the Induction Program Leader may suspend or revoke the ECO status and require the candidate to participate in the two-year induction program.

    The South Bay Consortium Teacher Induction provides equal consideration for all ECO candidates, regardless of their actual or perceived race; religion; ethnicity; nationality or ancestry; physical or mental disabilities; medical conditions; parental or marital status; age; sex; gender; gender identity or expression, and/or sexual orientation.


Last Modified on July 24, 2023