image of a coaching cycle

This induction process asks new teachers to examine their teaching practices by:

    • Creating an Individual Learning Plan (aka ILP) which will require:
      • Assessment of your current teaching practice and yearlong goal setting based on:
        • the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)
        • areas for growth as determined by your Preliminary Credential Program Individual Development Plan
        • observed students’ needs.
        • district/sites goals.
        • needs determined by the teacher, coach, site evaluator and program leader
      • Reflection on your current teaching practice and yearlong goal setting with either a written or videotaped product that reveals “progress towards mastery” of the CSTPs
    • Forming relationships with students to best address their needs, and give them a safe space to take risks.
    • Participating in Coaching Cycles to:
      • Analyze Learning
      • Plan/Prepare lessons
      • Deliver Instruction
      • Assess Learning
      • Analyze Learning (again)
      • Reflect on Instructional Practices
    • Participating in ongoing professional development that will help you make progress towards achieving your yearlong goal.
    • Participating in Cycles of Inquiry, which will require teachers to:
      • analyze student learning
      • develop an inquiry question based on their observations
      • apply focused, intentional, research-based teaching strategies to:
        • improve student achievement
        • provide equitable access to standards aligned curriculum to all students
    • This will assist them in:
      • acquiring new instructional strategies and
      • modeling lifelong learning for students
Last Modified on August 10, 2023