6.1 Appropriate Recommendation Process

  • Credential Recommendation

    1. Description of Process Ensuring Appropriate Recommendation

    The program tracks candidates’ attendance at all workshops, ILP development and submission of their reflections and evidence through the online learning platform (formerly NTC’s Learning Zone), and currently, “Kiano.”  If the evaluating committee deems a candidate’s work incomplete or vague, the Program Leader communicates directly with the candidate and mentor the manner and substance of how the candidate should proceed. Candidates then resubmit their work, as many times as needed, until they can clearly and specifically articulate their progress and meet program requirements. Once they meet all of requirements for Units 1-4 (and 1-3 for ECO candidates), the meet with the Program Leader for an exit interview and a credential recommendation appointment.

    If a candidate still cannot clearly communicate their progress, after repeated attempts, they will be assigned an additional cycle of inquiry, with another mentor, and participate in a 5th unit in Year 3.

6.1.1 Candidate Progress Monitoring Document