Common Standard 4 – Continuous Improvement 

    The education unit develops and implements a comprehensive continuous improvement process at both the unit level and within each of its programs that identifies program and unit effectiveness and makes appropriate modifications based on findings.

    Common  Standards

    Required Documentation 

    4.1 The education unit and its programs regularly assess their effectiveness in relation to the course of study offered, fieldwork and clinical practice, and support services for candidates. 

    4.2 Both the unit and its programs regularly and systematically collect, analyze, and use candidate and program completer data as well as data reflecting the effectiveness of unit operations to improve programs and their services. 

    4.3 The continuous improvement process includes multiple sources of data including  

    1. the extent to which candidates are prepared to enter professional practice; and  
    2. feedback from key stakeholders such as employers and community partners about the quality of the preparation. 

    Continuous Improvement Narrative 


    Annual State of School Presentation

    Unit Assessment System Graphic


    Multi-year unit assessment cycle schedule and Annotated List of Data Sources 

    Exit Interview Process 

    Spring into Inquiry Feedback

     CTC Completer Survey.