Acronymn of SMART with images for definition
  • Use this link:ILP Goal Setting to register for ONE of the required after school workshops. 

    In case you are wondering, ILP stands for Individual Learning Plan and it is the required state document used to track the progress you make on your yearlong goal. This after school workshop will help you use evidence to develop and monitor your yearlong goal.  This is the same goal that you set with your site administrator for your evaluation.   

    • All past, and newly, assigned mentors and program candidates are required to attend this workshop.
    • Attend the workshop in the location that is most convenient for you; however. 
    • Before you register, please check your work and personal calendars for conflicts, and record the date and location somewhere you can find it. Reminder emails will be sent to your work emails prior to the workshop date. 
    • This workshop credits you with 120 minutes of instructional coaching time, so make every attempt to coordinate and attend with your mentor. 
    • If you are a Special Education teacher, please make every attempt to attend the Tuesday, October 22, 2019 workshop, in PVPUSD, as the content will be differentiated for your needs.  If you are not a SPED teacher, you may still attend this Monday Orientation.